Imagine a City that works with you

¡Imagina una ciudad que trabaja contigo!


The team of people stepping up to endorse Mark Whitehurst for Mayor continues to grow and includes people from many walks of life.
Artists, Art & Culture producers and presenters, and art lovers are important faces among the many who endorse Mark. They are denoted with an *.
*Larry Feinberg 
*Joan Rutkowski
*Nancy Gifford
*Bela Basci
*Jeanne Basci
*Jan Baker
*Claudia Bratton
*Jessika Cardinal
Sue Eisaguirre
John Lawrence
Nicol Anandi
*Deedee de Gelia
*Elizabeth U. Flanagan
*Chris Fletcher
*Ruth Ellen Hoag
*Francine Kirsch
*Kerry Methner
*Mary Dee Thompson
*John Whitehurst
*Jan Ziegler
*Chris Provenzano-Chernof
*Rosemarie C. Gebhart
William C. Knapp
Susan K. Knapp
Jack Hira
Susan Hira
Kevin Brun
Deidre M. Dubin
Jeanette Casillas
Shelly Gardner
Connie Henze
Deanna Methner
Cheryl Peters
Eli Quesada
Colleen Quesada
Connie Bills
Roland Olson
Lisa Richards

Scott Richards

“Mark’s vision for Santa Barbara as a city known for its vibrant arts and Ecological awareness and education is what appeals to me and sets him apart from the other candidates.” – Deidre M. Dubin

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