Revitalizing Santa Barbara's Economy

We need to follow the energy that is already here… Art & Culture and the Environment… and strengthen it with a marketing plan. This plan needs to draw both locals and visitors from around the world. These promotions would connect businesses, non-profits, and government in promoting what the city loves most — the arts and the environment (both important economic drivers and treasures).

Santa Barbara needs to bundle together its’s environmental resources to become an eco destination — emphasizing sustainability, education, and accessibility. We are more than a recreational area and we need to promote that.

Santa Barbara is already an Art & Culture destination and we need to strengthen that with more art and citywide promotions that encourage discovering culture in every district.

Livability and being a welcoming community are also major issues confronting Santa Barbara as it rebuilds its economy. To address this, our local and visitor driven economies need to converge. These dynamic drivers will build the revenue streams required to support our much needed recovery.

Along the way, our city needs to become more clean and safe and provide services to help those in need, like helping them get into programs and off the street and like making visitors and locals alike feel at home.

There were several forums for all of the candidates. KEYT's was one of the most recent....

Click on the "Your Vote" photo to link to KEYT's Forum.

On the Campaign Trail…

We’ve enjoyed getting out into your neighborhoods, meeting you, and hearing your views on what the city needs.

A Big Splash Fundraiser for Mark Whitehurst for Mayor 2021 on The Condor Express!

Paid for by Mark Whitehurst for Mayor • ID#1440635 • 924 Anacapa Street #B1F, Santa Barbara, California, 93101  • 805-635-7977